College Fees

The following fees apply at St Charbel’s College for 2023.

Enrolment & Acceptance Fees

An enrolment fee of $520 per student applies upon acceptance of a place and prior to the enrolment being finalised. This fee is a non-refundable fee that applies for each new student at the College.

College Fees

College Fees include tuition, primary textbooks (refer below for applicability relating to textbooks for secondary students), resources, excursions, sports and technology.

College Fees for 2023 are:

Kindergarten to Year 6 $3,888  (payable in 3 instalments of $1,296) 
 Years 7 to 10 $4,815 (payable in 3 instalments of $1,605)
 Year 11 $6,120 (payable in 3 instalments of $2,040)
 Year 12 $6,120 (payable in 2 instalments of $3,060)

Sibling Reductions

Partial reductions of College Fees will apply for the second and subsequent students from a family enrolled at the same time. The reductions are as follows:

 First (oldest) student - No reduction
 Second student - 15% of College Fee for the second student's College Fees
 Third student - 40% of College Fee for the third student's College Fees
 Fourth & subsequent students - 75% of College Fees for the fourth & subsequent students

Building Levy

A compulsory building levy applies to each family and assists in the development and upkeep of the College property. The building levy for 2023 is $650 per family.


Accounts are billed three times year, at the commencement of Terms 1, 2 and 3, and payment of College Fees is required within 14 days of the issuing of instalment invoices.

The College is also able to offer alternate payment frequency arrangements, however, this requires approval from the Business Manager prior to the commencement of the arrangement. 

Text Books

Secondary textbooks as prescribed by the College may be purchased by families from an independent supplier, in which payments are made directly to the supplier.

School Uniforms

School uniforms may be purchased by families from an independent supplier. 

Withdrawal of enrolment

Families are required to provide written notice to the College Principal of their intention to withdraw a student from the College. One term’s notice is required to be provided, from the last school day of the preceding school term.

Where notice has not been provided, the College will charge a fee in lieu of notice equivalent to one term’s College Fee.

Payment methods no longer accepted

The College does not accept cheques as a form of payment for fees.

Should you have any questions surrounding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office.