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Careers and Vocational Education at St Charbel’s College

Careers Education is a fundamental part of the holistic development of the students at St Charbel’s College. It is an ongoing process of managing one’s life, learning and work. It involves developing the skills and knowledge that enable students to plan and make informed decisions about their education, training and career choices.

The College runs career interviews as part of this process in Year 10, 11 and 12. These interviews enable the teachers to gather information and provide guidance to students in regards to career choices and subject selection. Furthermore, students in all year groups attend a variety of Careers Exhibitions and events in order to make educated decisions. The College’s Year 10 Work Experience Program requires students to be placed in an appropriate working environment in line with their prospective career choice. These opportunities are integral in making the appropriate decisions.

Students at St Charbel's College also have the option of taking part in EVET (Externally Delivered Vocational Education and Training) Courses through external providers. Students are able to complete these courses as part of their HSC (Higher School Certificate) Courses.

On completion of their Senior studies, a great majority of St Charbel's College students gain entry into the University of their preference, study at College or TAFE or enter the workforce. Scholarship opportunities are also utilised by the students of St Charbel's College offering a bright future for the students. 

Below you will find informative publications to assist students with preparations for the Higher School Certificate and beyond.

Steps to Uni for Year 11 and 12 Students
ATAR and Applying to Uni
2021-2022 UAC Guide 
UAC Fact Sheet
Steps to Uni for Year 10 Students
Report into Parental Engagement in Career Education

For more information, please contact Mrs Dianna Chedid at the College on 9740 0999.