School Bus

St. Charbel’s provides a transporting service to students enrolled at the College. We have three mini buses which are used to transport students to and from school and occasionally to excursion venues.

The following rules apply for catching the College bus:

It is a condition of travelling on the bus that rules are followed by all students. The College currently has a “Two-strike” policy for bus usage, whereby a student will be issued with a strike/warning for any misbehaviour or non-adherence with bus rules.

Any subsequent misbehaviour or incidents will result in the removal of the student from the Bus Service, and forfeiting of their place on the bus moving forward.
I would like to reiterate the rules that students must adhere to whilst catching the bus:

• Students must be ready and on time in the morning and in the afternoon.
• In order to ensure the bus arrives to school on time in the morning, waiting time will be a maximum of 3 minutes
• The bus will wait for up to 5 minutes in the afternoon until all students have been accounted for. The bus will depart the College at 3:20pm.
• Students are not permitted to eat or drink while on the bus
• No talking loudly, screaming, shouting or standing up while on the bus
• Students are not permitted to change seats without the permission of the driver, and changing of seats is not permitted while the bus is in motion
• No throwing rubbish in the bus or out the bus windows
• Students are not permitted to use pens, pencils or any sharp objects whilst on the bus 
• Use of mobile phones while on the bus is not permitted

It is a condition of use of the Bus Service that parents and students read and agree to the Bus Rules noted above. These rules are subject to change, and in the event the rules change, parents and students will be notified accordingly.

Fees and Payment
The following fees apply for the use of the Private Bus Service in 2024:

 Weekly cost  1 Child  2 Children  3 Children  4 Children
 Single  $59  $95  $118  $131
 Return  $78  $123  $161  $184

Buses will be invoiced for each respective term at the commencement of the proceeding term’s holidays (i.e. Term 2 Bus Fees will be billed at the start of the Term 1 Holidays). Term 1 Bus Fees will be billed in the last two weeks of the January holiday period.

Please note that payment plan and direct debit arrangements will not be offered for the use of the Private Bus Service, and as such, payment is required in full by the invoice due date.
Where payment has not been received in full by the due date, the student(s) will not be permitted to use the bus service, and their place on the bus may be forfeited.

Withdrawing from use of the Private Bus Service

Parents/Guardians are required to notify the College in writing if their child(ren) plan to cease using the bus service. A two week notice period is required in this instance. Where notice has not been provided, the College will charge a fee in lieu of notice equivalent to two weeks’ Bus Fees.

Bus Application Form must be completed and handed to the Account’s office or emailed to

For more information or to enrol your children on the School bus, please contact the Finance Team on 9740 0999.