About Us

Vision and Mission

Jesus Christ 

St Charbel’s College proclaims and commits itself to Jesus Christ who stands at the centre of our community. Among God's people and in the spirit of St Charbel we live out God’s call to:

  • be faithful to the needs of humanity and responsive to the changing world
  • be faithful to Christ and the Gospel
  • be faithful to the mission of the Maronite Catholic Church.

Pastoral Care and Culture

St Charbel’s College proclaims and commits itself to building a community that:

  • builds and develops a shared approach to living and learning that empowers the individual, encourages personal responsibility and meets the pastoral needs of the College
  • endeavours to build personal relationships by encouraging and facilitating cooperation, a sense of belonging to and pride in the College, and respect for the dignity and worth of every individual
  • fosters the spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical development of its students
  • encourages each student to take pride in their identity as Australians of Lebanese heritage living in a multicultural society
  • develops a sense of responsibility and care for the world.

 Teaching and Learning

St Charbel’s College proclaims and commits itself to providing excellence in education which:

  • challenges and supports all members of the College community to develop self-worth and abilities
  • caters for individual needs, abilities and interests
  • is innovative and creative
  • encourages life-long learning
  • is diverse and comprehensive
  • embraces teaching practices suited to the learning styles of our students
  • recognises and affirms the significant role of parents in the education of their children and to encourage their active involvement in, and support of, the College community.

Our Vision

  • To present Christ at the centre of life
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Foster pride in our Australian and Lebanese identity

The School Crest

The school badge reflects points of cultural and historical significance and is the universal symbol used in all schools of the Lebanese Maronite Order.

The letters “LMO” stand for the Lebanese Maronite Order of Monks. The cedar represents our ancestral homeland, Lebanon, while the Southern Cross denotes our present homeland, Australia. The boat brings to mind the Phoenicians of our ancient history, who were great seafaring traders of the world, and creators of the first form of alphabet which evolved and was adopted to become the backbone of the modern alphabet.

In this spirit, the apostolate of the LMO includes the promotion of culture and missionary work around the world.