About Us

Principal's welcome

Established by the Lebanese Maronite Order in 1984, Saint Charbel’s College, Punchbowl, was founded according to the mission of the Lebanese Order of Monks. The charism of the Monks continues to inspire a dedication to providing an outstanding education to Lebanese Australian children in conjunction with servicing the wider community. The College Motto, ‘To Him be Glory’ is lived out as we strive to give glory to God and proclaim and commit ourselves to the service of Jesus Christ who is at the centre of our community.

St Charbel's students have numerous opportunities to explore and express their Maronite faith through liturgies, prayer time and by putting their faith into action. The College fosters a love of learning and seeks to instill in each child the Gospel values of justice, peace, love, compassion, acceptance, generosity and service.

The College promotes a school environment that values care, compassion and harmonious relationships. As educators, we believe in developing the emotional, spiritual, academic, physical and social attributes of every child in order to fulfill our mission. We understand that parents are entrusting into our care their most precious possessions- their children. Every child is to us as individuals and we encourage our parents to know, understand and share in the education of their children by providing a variety of formal and informal opportunities for parental involvement including the Parents and Friends Association.

St Charbel’s College aims to be at the forefront of providing a Maronite education with a diverse curriculum that caters to the individual learning needs of our students.  In doing so, our students are equipped with the skills necessary to become resilient and independent life long learners who will have the capacity to change, adapt and contribute greatly in an ever changing world. The curriculum is supported by innovative approaches to teaching and learning from experienced staff who work with 21st Century resources in state of the art facilities.

I trust that you will be guided in the decisions you make about your child's schooling, through the intercession of St Charbel.

Fr Maroun Youssef